Flying Business Class with Sri Lankan Airlines by Scott Allford


I am reminded of the saying that it’s not about the destination, but rather the journey to get there. These days, flying has become another step for travelers to reach their destination, and some of the joy of travel has been lost. Flights have the tendency to just be a means to an end, but some have the ability to stand out.

in-flight foodie menu business

I recently had the chance to experience to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo on Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus A330. Although it was only a short haul flight, I was hoping for a good experience due to the reviews I had seen on Skytrax.

AVOD seat

The check in was efficient, and the ground staff were polite and friendly. As we boarded the plane the flight attendants greeted us with a warm smile and showed us to our seats. The plane wasn’t new and there could have been more attention paid to the design of the interior, but the cabin was very clean. The Business Class section of the cabin had 4 seats per row and the seats were quite comfortable. Before take off, the Business Class flight attendants offered us drinks and went over the menu selections with us. Something which made the flight slightly more memorable, was that one of the flight attendants didn’t realise we were about to take off. She had to race to her seat as the plane started to accelerate down the runway.

During the flight we found that there was a good selection of entertainment on board, though we didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy much of it as the flight was only 3 hours and 35 minutes. The flight attendants continued to offer a good level of service throughout.

Chicken masala food

The meal was Chicken Masala served with turmeric rice and mixed vegetable jalfrezi. The flavours were quite robust with a good balance of heat and salt, while the salad, fruits, and breads were standard airline food. They also had some good Ceylon tea on board – of course that was expected.

airport terminal

The flight continued quite smoothly as we crossed the Bay of Bengal and began our descent over Sri Lanka. Surprisingly, that particular landing at Bandarnaike International Airport was the gentlest I have ever experienced in over 30 years of flying. I’ve landed at the same airport countless times and haven’t had great landings, but on that flight everything must have just worked to allow for a perfect touchdown. On arrival, the cabin crew were efficient and polite while everyone deplaned. While I’ve flown with better airlines, for price and service I would have to say that Sri Lankan Airlines is definitely one of the top airlines when travelling around Southeast and South Asia.