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TRAVEL TIP: See The Louvre in Under 3 hours by Scott Allford

A visit to Paris isn’t complete without a visit to the Louvre. However, even the biggest art fans can find it a bit overwhelming. An artist recently told me that he really can’t stay there for more than 3 hours because it gets a bit boring. The problem is that the place is huge, and if you don’t know where things are you can end up wandering aimlessly. So in order to maximize your time, I’ve put together a guide to see the best of the Louvre in under three hours. 

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WHITE PAPER: Nobody Likes To Read Anymore: Moving Forward and Retooling Engagement Strategies In Social Media by Ryan Buaron

With the explosion of social media use worldwide, there’s a massive amount of information available at any given time. The amount of clutter online makes it especially difficult and tricky for businesses, organizations and personalities to reach intended audiences and viral content. In recent years, photo messaging and sharing applications like Snapchat, Instagram, Plague online networking services like Twitter and online media companies like Buzzfeed have proven to be extremely popular, and all of the these rely heavily on limited text (Twitter, Snapchat, Buzzfeed) and a deep focus on image use. Despite this shift to image driven social media applications and services, mainstream businesses as well as a huge number of blogs are still stuck in information heavy websites. This white paper will discuss the need to shift to visually focused posts and sites.

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