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Food List: 9 Manila Restaurants You Should Take A Balikbayan Friend To by Ryan Buaron

Coming back home is an exciting event, for both the expatriate Filipino and their families and friends back home and no homecoming is complete without feasts upon feasts of delicious Filipino (and fusion) food which cannot be found in most of the countries worldwide. Normally, when I come home, I schedule meetings with my friends and family over food, basically meeting different friends and family for Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Merienda/Afternoon Tea, Dinner, and Nightcap. After 5 days, my pants began to feel a bit tighter around the waist!

With Manila becoming a very vibrant food capital in the Southeast Asia in recent years with the explosion of hip, trendy and international and local restaurants: there is so much to choose from, that it is pretty much easy to stay within the same area and never run out of restaurants to try.

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11 Essential Travel Tips That You Must Remember! by Scott Allford

I’ve been travelling for a while now, and it’s been over a decade since I had a place to call my own in my home country. I’ve had a lot of great travel experiences and some not so great ones as well, but I like to think that as a whole they’ve brought me to where I am now and will help me to have even better experiences in the future. Fingers crossed!

I’ve read a lot of different blogs giving pointless ‘tips’ about you shouldn’t do when you travel – “Don’t pose like you’re holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.” “Don’t post too frequently about your travels on Facebook.” Seriously, if you want to do those things, go for it. It doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s your holiday. Rather than writing about what you shouldn’t do, I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learnt to do to make my travels even more enjoyable. 

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